General FAQs

Each Fit4Travel retreat includes accommodation, transportation between cities, some meals, several wellness activities and excursions. In addition, Fit4Travel will provide you with an English-speaking guide to enhance and enrich your experience.

Excursions and activities vary from retreat to retreat and are based on the destination and travel style. Activity examples include SUP, hiking, kayaking, cooking classes, bicycle rides, dance classes or visiting ancient ruins. Please refer to the selected trip itinerary overview tab to see which activities are included on any given retreat.

Typically, breakfast is included daily. In addition, our programs include lunches and dinners based on the specific itinerary and culinary experiences available. Please check the day-to-day itinerary which lists which meals are included on any given day. Separately, Fit4Travel provides a recommended restaurant list for the meals not included, and your local guide is also available for restaurant recommendations should you wish to explore on your own.

A dietary request and allergy form is given to every confirmed traveler and must be submitted prior to the final payment date which is set at 90 days prior to the departure. This information is shared with each vendor in efforts to support these restrictions and requests.

Yes, a deposit is due when making your reservation. Automated payments are also implemented on each booking. Please find the deposit requirement for each trip itinerary listed under the Terms & Conditions. When filling out the registration form, the minimum amount needed will appear. A guest can make a deposit that is higher than this amount but will be required to pay at least this amount to secure their reservation.

A $500 non-refundable deposit is due with your land only reservation. A $750 non-refundable deposit is due with your ocean, river, or small ship cruise reservation.

For Kenya Safari(s), South Africa Safari(s), Exploring Peru and Hiking the Inca Trail, Uganda Gorilla Trekking Safari(s) and Tanzania Safari(s), a non-refundable $750 deposit is required for your land-only reservation to cover additional permits and/or park fees.

For Uganda Gorilla Trekking Safari(s), a non-refundable $1,500 deposit is required for your land-only reservation to cover additional permits and/or park fees.

Please find our cancellation policy listed under the Fit4Travel Terms & Conditions

The deposit due date is set at six (6) months prior to the departure date, unless otherwise stated. We recommend the traveler purchase any supplemental optional tours at the time of their registration. If a request is made by the traveler to register for a retreat after this deposit due date, Fit4Travel will do our best to accommodate this request, but the confirmation is subject to availability and pricing is subject to change. The final cutoff date for registration is 90 days prior to the departure date unless otherwise stated.

Country entry requirements are subject to change and vary by destination. If you are registered for a retreat, it is required that each traveler takes necessary precautions needed to experience the destination. Fit4Travel will not issue any refunds to travelers visiting to a destination that requires a COVID vaccination should the traveler be unwilling to get the required COVID vaccine or quarantine (if necessary/allowed). Any quarantine required for travelers who are unvaccinated will be done at the expense of the traveler going on the retreat.

We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance to cover this investment of your time and money. Fit4Travel can offer travel insurance on any purchased retreat up until the week of your departure. Travel insurance will refund a guest for any penalties incurred if the cancellation is due to a covered reason. Often, covid is covered under “illness”, but we recommend confirming this information with your insurance provider prior to making your reservation. Should a guest test positive prior to home, the individual is required to cover any costs at their own expense which includes, but is not limited to, accommodation, meals, transportation, and medical visits. We encourage you to keep each receipt which will be submitted when filing a claim should travel insurance have been purchased prior to your departure.

If the destination you are traveling on to a retreat does not allow inbound tourism due to war, terrorism, COVID or any other force majeure related reason, Fit4Travel will postpone the retreat to a later date. Should the traveler not have the ability to travel on the revised date, a refund will be offered, subject to the Fit4Travel Terms & Conditions.

When you book your retreat, you will provide an email address before submitting payment. Once the reservation is confirmed, we will process your deposit with a receipt of payment which will be sent to your email for confirmation.

Accommodations vary from retreat to retreat. From coastal cruises to resorts, wellness centers or boutique hotels, it really varies depending on the travel style and itinerary. Fit4Travel strives to provide an overall 4 star plus experience and only uses properties that meet brand standards that provide this level of quality.

For land programs, each retreat will take between 10 and 30 travelers. The average group size is 12-16 travelers. Our cruising programs vary by travel style and itinerary.

If you are traveling on the group flight to your destination, you will meet everyone at your airport of origin. Otherwise, you will meet the group at the first accommodation. Many itineraries include a welcome event for you to meet the other travelers after settling into your hotel or on the boat.

Unless listed otherwise, the pricing on each trip itinerary reflects double occupancy, which includes twin or double bed accommodations and a private bathroom or single occupancy, which includes a double bed and a private bathroom.

Traveling with a friend? Just plug in each other's name while booking under "Rooming With" after selecting double occupancy on the reservation form. If you are looking for a roommate, please put “I am looking for a travel companion” under the “Rooming With” question on the registration form. Each retreat leader will work to pair individual travelers together, but nothing is guaranteed. If we cannot find a travel companion, your reservation will be modified from a double occupancy registration to a single occupancy registration. Any additional cost to modify the reservation to a Single Occupancy room will be invoiced to the traveler.

Uncomfortable with sharing a room? No problem! Most of our trips offer a single supplement option that you can choose when booking.

We’ll provide a full time log at least two weeks prior to your trip. This information will include all necessary travel information prior to departure.

Please make sure you have a valid passport that does not expire for at least 6 months from AFTER your return date. (for example, if you return from your trip on 1/1/2023, the expiration date must be after 7/1/2023) If you need to renewal your passport, please do it at your earliest convenience to ensure it is ready on time.

Fit4Travel does not help in securing necessary documents needed for international travel. Requirements for visas vary widely depending on your nationality and your destination. Although we are unable to arrange visas on your behalf, we have provided links on our “Resources” page to websites that will help you determine if visas are required. If you require a visa, you can make arrangements yourself or use the services of a travel agent or visa processing company.

It's important that you receive the most accurate and up-to-date travel health information for the region you will be visiting. The only one qualified to provide you with this advice is your family physician or a specialist from a Travel Health clinic. Our “Resources” page provides links to several websites that contain excellent background information related to travel health issues. Nevertheless, these websites are no substitute for a personal consultation with a qualified medical professional.

Please pack in layers, casual clothes and comfortable walking or hiking shoes. We recommend you check the weather before departing to ensure you are bringing warm enough clothes and appropriate attire for the location you are visiting! A personalized packing list for the destination you are traveling to is provided one month prior to your departure. Should you have specific questions about what to bring, please email us at

Most group departures are hosted by expert wellness professionals and led by local guides. Some trips also include a Fit4Travel representative to help coordinate. You’ll be introduced to all staff upon your arrival.

YES! Don’t feel pressured to find someone to join you on a trip. Part of the Fit4Travel experience is meeting, connecting, and traveling with exciting people from around the world. Each registration form will offer you a drop-down menu to select if you are traveling with single or double occupancy.

Travelers arrive from all over the world to begin our tours, and it is not possible to include international airfare in our itinerary prices. We would be happy to help arrange your flights. Just select YES and enter your gateway on the registration form when asking if you are interested in airfare. If you do not purchase our transportation package, you will be expected to meet at the hotel or ship unless stated otherwise.

To travel independently, you must be at least 18 years of age. There are no upper age limits for most of our tours.

Each Fit4Travel retreat includes one group round-trip airport transfer. We recommend you join the rest of the group on the same flight segment to the destination based on the recommended flight times that are sent to each traveler.

Travelers arriving outside of the group arrival and departure times can choose to wait for the rest of the group at the airport or book a private transfer or taxi/uber independently.. The location of the hotel and the check-in time will be shared with the travelers in advance.

Any pre or post night bookings must be made through Fit4Travel and are subject to availability. These reservations must be completed before the final payment date and are 100% non-refundable. Please contact with the request so we can confirm availability and add this invoice to your account balance.

Tips are not included in the tour price, and tipping is entirely at your discretion. A tipping guideline for local guides, drivers, and the tour manager is provided to each traveler one month prior to the departure.

YES! We do our best to provide an inclusive experience with ideal pacing that ensures you experience the destination, but also have time to explore or relax on your own.

Should a travel companion cancel their reservation, the remaining traveler’s reservation will be modified from a double occupancy room to a single occupancy room unless the traveler can find a replacement for the canceled reservation. Any travel companion replacement must be done prior to the final payment date. Failure to find a travel companion replacement will result in the change in reservation to a single occupancy room. Fit4Travel will do everything possible to mitigate the difference between double and single occupancy price, but any supplemental cost from switching travel packages will be invoiced to the individual traveler.

If you have not already done so, please notify your bank to inform them of your upcoming travels. We recommend that you bring some smaller bills until you can get cash at a local ATM in the destination.

Using a debit card at a bank to pull out local currency is the least expensive way to get money while traveling internationally. While most establishments take credit cards, it’s recommended that you have some local currency on hand.

Please visit the link below for your any upcoming departure.

On each retreat, Fit4Travel will provide each traveler with yoga mats, but blocks, straps and blankets are not guaranteed. Should you wish to have any props in addition to a mat, we recommended packing this prior to your departure.

Wellness activities will be offered either on the hotel premises, nearby at a park or in a meeting room. For small ship boat retreats, wellness activities are offered on the top deck.

Fit4Travel provides each traveler with a bar and restaurant recommendation list one month prior to your retreat departure. Many of the accommodations have a restaurant on property for your convenience.

If there is a flight arrival/departure time change made by the airline - Please update us by emailing ASAP, and plan to book your own transfer to meet the group at the hotel and return to the airport independently.

If you discover that your bags have not arrived at the destination airport, follow these steps:

Step 1: Report Missing Bags Immediately

Proceed to the airline's baggage claim counter or designated reporting area. Fill out a missing baggage report detailing your flight information, contact details, and a description of the missing luggage (provide as thorough of a description as possible).

Step 2: Obtain a File Reference Number

Request a file reference number from the airline representative handling your case. This number will serve as a unique identifier for your missing baggage and will be crucial for tracking purposes.

Step 3: Provide Detailed Baggage Information

Provide the airline with detailed information about your missing bags, including size, color, brand, distinctive features, and any identifying tags or stickers. Share your accommodation details and a contact number where you can be reached for updates.

Step 4: Keep Track of Communication and Follow Up

Retain all documentation, including the missing baggage report and file reference number provided by the airline. Regularly follow up with the airline's baggage service department using the provided reference number to inquire about the progress in locating your bags. Stay in touch through the communication channels provided by the airline and update them with any changes in your contact information or itinerary.

Don’t be a stranger! Send us your questions at We love hearing from you whether it’s a question, suggestion, request, or anything else you might think of.